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Travel Uprights | Soft Luggage

Travel Uprights/Soft Luggage

Bencardo Travelware manufactures quality Travel Uprights and Soft Luggage that are durable, affordable, reliable, and lightweight. Our unique luggage come with Anti-theft Combination Lock, Multi-Stage Telescopic Trolley, Multiple Compartments, Front Pocket, Expandable Zipper that adds 30% extra space, and some luggage also come with our renowned Anti-theft Zipper for extra security. Our luggage and uprights are created with high quality, tear resistant 2400D Nylon Fabrics and are assembled with 360° Spinner Wheels. Some of our select models have 8 Aircraft Wheel Design Layout which come with extremely handy Wheel Stoppers to avoid your luggage from rolling away. Additionally, some of the Bencardo Travelware luggage also have extra durable Integrated Handle that are intricately woven into the seams of the luggage rather than being attached with a short strip of thread. This allows you to carry your luggage carefree and with ease, so that you can pack anything and travel anywhere without any worries or hassle.

Travel Uprights | ABS-PC Suitecase


Hard Luggage/ABS-PC Suitcase

Bencardo Travelware is also known for its high quality and resilient Hard Luggage and ABS-PC suitcases, that are both lightweight and affordable. Our suitcases have all the basics, and more, including but not limited to a sturdy multi-stage telescopic trolley, anti-theft zipper for security along with a robust anti-theft combination lock to keep your luggage safe at all times. The sheer contrast of the materials used in our Hard/ABS luggage can be seen as the exterior is built with high density polycarbonate that is known for its superior strength, heat resistance and flexibility, while the interior is lined with soft and silky 2400D nylon fabrics. All of that stand on 4 sets of nifty 360° spinner wheels which makes the product as a whole attractive, reliable and everlasting.



Duffle Bags

Do you plan to go on a small trip but don't want to carry around a bulky luggage? That's where our duffle bags come in handy. Thanks to their small yet spacious build, you can carry all of your necessities and a little more easily. The best part? Our duffle bags come with a multi-stage telescopic trolley so you don't have to carry all the weight, and simply roll your duffle bag on its two sturdy wheels. If you do wish to carry it around, you can still do so, thanks to the convenient and well-built integrated handle. Additionally, our duffle bags are dust and water resistant, so you don't have to worry about taking your duffle outside!

Business Bags


Business Bags

For people that travel a lot on business trips, having an easy to carry business bag can be godsent. Bencardo Travelware's Business Bags in particular would be the best choice for your travel needs, thanks to its small form factor which makes it easy to carry around and its impact resistant build for durability. Our business bags have long-lasting straps that are build with high quality material to carry on your shoulder. Or, alternatively, some of our business bags also come with a handy multi-stage telescopic trolley system, and the whole bag sits on top of smooth and sturdy wheels so that you don't have to worry about carrying around your bag. All of our business bags are built with Nylon & PU Leather Fabrics, making it attractive, reliable, sturdy, lightweight & elegant to look at.




We've all had backpacks in the past, and we can definitely agree that backpacks are always convenient and useful thanks to their carry-on-the-go nature. Bencardo Travelware has a wide range of backpacks that come in various designs, shapes & sizes. Imagine a light & easy to carry backpack with tons of pockets and compartments, robust zippers, & resilient straps, all of which come in a beautifully crafted design - you will get all that and more with Bencardo Travelware's backpacks. Do you carry a laptop for your work? We have laptop compartment. Do you carry accessories like chargers, powerbanks, cables, and dongles? We have enough spaces and compartments for them as well. Are you tired of your backpack's zipper derailing, snagging or completely breaking off? You won't have to worry about any of those with Bencardo Travelware's backpacks. No more low quality backpacks that don't have your back. Choose Bencardo Travelware's backpacks today.